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Security Services factories in Binh Duong security services company Van Thien Thanh Protection to help maintain order and security in manufacturing, asset protection avoid theft. This kind of protection usually has two main positions that place the main gate and patrol positions in the plant. Duties security protection order, inspection and control of the means of goods to the port. Record updated documents on import of goods and export of books.
The construction works are in the difficult position of management control do not contain many of the modern equipment of high value materials. Security Services construction projects are launched and respond resolve the concerns of the project managers.
Where the central bank's trade finance, credit, usually located in the city center location, the town has more people and passing vehicles. On the other hand the customer a full component class with different levels of learning, it is targeted nature complex, requiring security guards at banks here have high professional qualifications and work style very polite, flexible, flexible.