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Office: 255,  St Bui Van HoaGroup 5, Block 6, Long Binh Ward, District. Bien Hoa, Dong Nai Province


Tel: 061.3994841 Fax: 061.3994606

Hot Line

                   Viet Nam : 0909.328.164 ( Mr. Thinh) - General Director

                   Korean : 0918.130.753 ( Mr. Byun Yong Hwan) - Chairman

                  Japan : 0984.536.164 ( Mr. Key Kimura) - Vice Chairman

                                    Email : thanhnienxp_thinh@yahoo.com  OR


                               Website : http://baovephuongtroi.com 


Letters of Recommendation 


Dear esteemed company! 


         First letter we send our thanks to the interest and wish your company has always been prosperous. To meet the increasing demand for security and order and protection of client assets during the opening of the country's investment and business activities of your business, hope the following information will be the collaboration of customers in the field of human resources providing professional protection. 


       PHUONG TROI 24 Service Co., Ltd. protection is established and operating under the Enterprise Law certificate eligible for social security services business by the Police to protect Dong Nai Province; license registration certificate No. 3600933412 by the Department of Business and investment plans of Dong Nai Province. 


       With the efforts of all officials and employees, in recent years the company has held operational and business security services in humans: provide force protection for civil society organizations; the Site; plants; enterprises of various economic sectors ... The company has confirmed the brand and gradually build a security services company is growing, with the motto "reputation - quality - safety - effective results "


        We have a quality management system and a protection force of the company are well trained, professional, meets the demanding requirements of our customers and the open market during collection attract investment capital today. Security services company PHUONG TROI is committed to ensuring the security of all areas required by our customers, meeting the most effective and safe. 


The sun protective services has been one of the company providing security services leading, reputed in Vietnam and perfect to every customer of the Company, the factory, the school ... 


        All officers and employees of Public PHUONG TROI 24 Service Co., Ltd.  is committed to protecting work on the principle of ensuring "Prestige - Quality - Safety - Efficiency" 


- That's the motto of the company policy that the security services means PHUONG TROI 24 will provide to customers the protection bodyguard perfect, and respond anytime, anywhere on demand. 


- The quality of protection is top target determines the development of the Company, the rights and responsibilities of each officer and employee of the PHUONG TROI 24 security services company. 


- Always listen and understand to meet all customer requirements. Determine protection of customer assets is to protect the company's assets PHUONG TROI 24, or to protect the rights of every employee of the company. 


- Continually hone and improve their professional qualifications, is ready to meet all the requirements of our customers as well as the assigned work. 


- Maintaining and enhancing the effectiveness of the quality management system ISO 9001 - 2000 Requires close collaboration and dedication strength, the wisdom of all the members of the Company. All for the prosperity, prosperity and safety of customers and the security services company PHUONG TROI 24. 


        We are eager to become so reliable partner and long-term Khch You Hng about the security and protection of assets safely and efficiently ./. 


We wish you successful companies in all areas and are looking forward to the cooperation. 


The business office: 


1 Address of Head Office: Team 28, Block 2, Trang Dai Ward, Bien Hoa City, Dong Nai Province 

2 Office of transactions: 255 Bui Van Hoa Street Group 5, Block 6, Long Binh Ward, Bien Hoa City, Dong Nai province. 

3 Representative Office: 143, Group 7, Long Duc Hamlet 1, X Tam Phuoc, Long Thanh District, Dong Nai Province. 

4 Representative offices: seventh, Hamlet 2, X Nhon Duc, Nha Be District, Ho Chi Minh City 

5 Representative Office: Hamlet 5, X Lai Uyen, Ben Cat District, Binh Duong Province. 


Best regards! 




General Manager 


Ton Duc Thinh